Here is a link to the advanced ElectriBank Deep-Cycle High-Output Energy Storage Systems Batteries developed in conjunction with Lithiumax. Click here for details or to purchase other ElectriBank models:


This pricing is for the ElectriBank 130Ah PbEq (Lead-Acid/AGM/Gel Equivalent).


Continuous output current 100A, Max (5s) 250A. Max rec charge current 100A. IP56 Environmental Protection with Advanced BMS & LCD Voltage, Capacity & Temperature Meter. Dimensions: 260(L)x130(W)x210(H)mm and M8 terminals (supplied). 7.5kg. 3 year warranty. Product link here: ElectriBank 130Ah PbEq Deep-Cycle Battery


An ElectriBank 230Ah PbEq (Lead-Acid/AGM/Gel Equivalent) unit is also available for $1199. Details available here: ElectriBank 230Ah PbEq Deep-Cycle Battery

ElectriBank Deep-Cycle High-Current Energy Storage Battery - 130Ah PbEq

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