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The new State-of-the-Art Gen4 LITHIUMAX RESTART10 Bluetooth engine starter battery. The Lithiumax RESTART10 Bluetooth is the ultimate H6 (60Ah DIN65, H6, Group 48, EN 66L3, BCI98R) or T5 (40Ah DIN66 (L2) battery available anywhere at any price.


After a year of specific model development and decade of award winning lithium engine starter battery production, we have designed a battery that will suit almost all road, off-road, performance vehicle and boat applications with an unprecedented power-to-weight ratio inc Bluetooth Real-Time monitoring and RESTART control from a dedicated Lithiumax App!


Simply scan the QR code at the top of the battery to download the iOS or Android App for seamless Bluetooth connection to live battery data and RESTART control capability. The Lithiumax RESTART10 Bluetooth has a RESTART feature that will cut the battery power at a safe level if it is inadvertently drained and it can then be restarted in order to start the engine from the Bluetooth Lithiumax App.


There is also button on the battery for restarting should your App be out of reach. A compact battery in a H6 case size that has the dimensions of 278L x 175W x 190Hmm, suitable for all popular H6 (DIN65 H6, Group 48, EN 66L3, BCI98R 60Ah Lithium, 120Ah PbEq) size battery applications or T6 (DIN66, L2, 40Ah Lithium, 80Ah PbEq) size 278L x 175W x 175Hmm. A very lean 8.3kg for the H6 unit and 5.9kg for the T6 unit. Capable of delivering a phenomenal yet conservative 1000CA (800CCA) 1200CA (1000CCA) and a huge 80Ah PbEq (T6 40Ah Lithium Nominal) 120Ah PbEq PbEq capacity (H6, 60Ah Lithium Nominal).


Simply put, if you want the best battery money can buy, then the Lithiumax RESTART10 Bluetooth is your battery. Ideal for engines up to 9 litres and with IP56 environmental protection, the perfect battery for both on road and off-road, 4WD and boat applications.


The Lithiumax RESTART10 Bluetooth can also be used under bonnet in road and off-road vehicles and can double as a starter and/or deep-cycle battery for dual battery installations. Direct drop in fitment for most makes and models. Designed for standard alternator charging. Charging systems delivering between 14-15V optimised. The Lithiumax RESTART10 Bluetooth is covered by a 3 year warranty.




Power: (H6) 1200CA (1400CA 3-5 sec) (T6) 1000CA (1200CA 3-5 sec)

Capacity: (H6) 120Ah PbEq (Lithium Nominal: 60Ah) (T6) 80Ah PbEq (Lithium Nominal: 40Ah)

Monitoring: Bluetooth

Lithiumax App Control: Restart via App or physical on-battery button

Envioronmental Protection: IP56

Dimensions: (H6) 278(w)x175(d)x190(h)mm T6 278(w)x175(d)x175(h)mm

Weight: (H6) 8.3kg (T6) 5.9kg

Terminals: Right +ve built-in SAE terminal posts

Warranty: 3 Years

Lithiumax Gen4 RESTART10 Bluetooth in 40Ah or 60Ah Lithium (80Ah or 120Ah PbEq)

PriceFrom $1,099.00
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