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The new State-of-the-Art LITHIUMAX RESTART100 Bluetooth Dual-purpose deep-cycle and engine starter battery with Restart is a revolution in lithium battery technology. The Lithiumax RESTART100 Bluetooth is the ultimate battery available anywhere at any price with 1200CCA and 1400CA of engine cranking power with 100Ah of Lithium capacity, the equivalent of a 200Ah AGM or lead-acid battery (PbEq). With App controlled RESTART feature that cuts battery power at a level that can still start your engine, should you inadvertently drain the battery during deep-cycle operation.


The RESTART100 case size is optimised for under bonnet, in cab or in canopies, trailers or caravans the RESTART100 is the perfect on or off-road deep-cyle energy storage power supply with powerful engine starting capability and Restart.


Dimensions are N70ZZL or 305mm x 172mm x 224mm (inc terminals) with right side +ve terminal orientation. (Note: for Left side +ve terminal orientation or N70ZZ MF see DEEPSTART100). The RESTART100 can be used wherever a N70ZZL size or most larger batteries are specified. An optimised footprint, maximum power and capacity, the RESTART100 delivers, with an unprecedented power-to-weight ratio inc Bluetooth Real-Time monitoring and Restart control from the dedicated Lithiumax App.


Simply scan the QR code at the top of the battery to download the iOS or Android App for seamless Bluetooth connection to live battery data including RESTART control on your mobile device, with an extensive range of operation, up to 40 meteres (depending on battery location).


Simply put, if you want the best dual purpose battery money can buy with IP65 environmental protection, Bluetooth App battery monitoring and Restart control then the RESTART100 and DEEPSTART100 are it, the perfect batteries for both on and off-road, 4WD and boat applications.


The Lithiumax RESTART100 Bluetooth can be used under bonnet in road and off-road vehicles and Ah capacity can be expanded by adding the DEEPSTART100 or another RESTART100 unit connected in parallel to double the Ah capacity. Up to 4 units can be connected in parallel. Designed for standard alternator charging though it is recommended that a DC/DC charger be used where 2 or more batteries are utilised to minimise the charging load on the alternator. Charging systems delivering between 14-15V optimised. The Lithiumax RESTART100 Bluetooth is covered by a 3 year no-nonsense warranty.



Power: 1200CCA (1400CA 3-5 sec)

Capacity: Lithium Nominal 100Ah (200Ah PbEq )

Monitoring: Bluetooth

Protection: RESTART from 11.5V then 8V

Envioronmental Protection: IP65

Dimensions: 305(w)x172(d)x224(h)mm

Weight: 10.5kg

Terminals: Right side +ve built in SAE terminal posts.

Cycles: more than 3000

Warranty: 3 Years

Lithiumax RESTART100 1200CCA & 100Ah Deep-Cycle Lithium Engine Starter Battery

PriceFrom $1,499.00
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