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Lithiumax New IP65 Multi-battery type charger with LCD screen and up to 10A 14.5V power supply mode. Perfect for charging your 12V to 14.5V Pb/AGM/GEL/Calcium and LiFePo4 (LFP) batteries. With an impressive 10A current supply, fast charging is possible with advanced microprocessor controlled lithium (LFP) and other battery type charging. 3 piece charger includes charging unit, eyelet harness and alligator clip harness connected via a quality mini plug with sealing cap. 10 Amp fast charging and maintenance 'trickle' charging for all Lithiumax and ElectriBank 12V batteries as well as your other over-weight 12V batteries.


Charging for both 6V and 12V in an IP65 rated weather-restant design. 14.6V 10A (LFP) charging with smart conditioning charging for other battery chemistries. 110-240VAC input. Total cable length 4 metres. 2 year warranty. 

Lithiumax 10A Multi-Battery IP65 Smart Maintenance LCD Charger

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